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Commonly, mathematics is about the study of the quantity, structure, shape, change and many more that is closely related to our environment. Related to the mathematics study, children will be exposed to the topic of number at a very young age. First, they will learn counting number as a pattern of words which most commonly occurs since they are in the kindergarten school. They will keeps repeating the number and while they are saying the number, they will match it with the correct number of thing such as eggs, ball and other things that children commonly figure out. As the nature of the children, they are having interest to something that is interactive, fun and more relaxing mode in having an effective learning process. There are so many advantages to be gain when using Game Card as a tool of teaching. Game can help children become motivated and engage them in thinking about, and applying, concepts and skills (Mathematical Games as an Aid to Teaching Mathematics, 2004). In addition, game also gives an opportunity to children to communicate their ideas and justify their thinking. There are few factors need to be consider in choosing a suitable type of game to be used such as the ability of the children, the ethos of the school and the ability of the teacher to control the classroom. For that reason, this study will suggest a game card about number that obeys the children’s interest which is called as Numeranto Game Card.

Education nowadays are keeps growing and developing. No students are allowed to be neglected behind. However, there are few students still fail in mastering 4R skills which is reading, numeracy, writing and reasoning. More worrying is when the children ca...

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...aim, there still encounter some unavoidable limitations. Firstly, because of the time limit. This research was conducted among primary school students. The design of this research is quasi-experimental research. Therefore, the researcher needs to do at least five treatments towards the students. As the researcher does not have enough time, there are some groups of students who cannot manage to do five treatments.
Second limitation face by the researcher was conducting the questionnaire. As the respondents were primary school students, researcher need to take a very long time to explain about the questionnaire to the students.
Next limitation is the used of pre and post-test. The result for both tests of most of the students is slightly different. So the researcher cannot consider that as the evidence for the effectiveness of the using of Numeranto Game Card.

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