Essay about Ethnic Rejection Of Jewish Immigrants

Essay about Ethnic Rejection Of Jewish Immigrants

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In addition to this form of ethnic rejection of Jewish immigrants, local Palestinians and the Arab League used violence and paramilitary resistance to the massive influx of Jewish immigrants coming into Palestine. These military conflicts—created by Aliyah—were the foundation of rejection that Jewish immigrants endured while living in Palestine. Locally, the resistance to Jewish immigration was often hostile, which set the parameters for international intervention to help mediate land disputes and the legal rights of Jewish immigrants living in Palestine. In 1947, the extreme political and military opposition of the Arab League to any land portioning agreements was a major catalyst for the intervention of the United Nations to protect Jewish communities living in Palestine:
Yet, even with British co-operation there would have been little hope for the establishment of the Arab “new political framework”. Lacking the necessary military strength and the political support of the Arab League, it was a futile exercise in statehood (Pappe 76).
In this manner, the Jewish paramilitary organization, Haganah, had been slowly building a reputation for countermanding Arab military force in the hopes of developing a national army in the future. In another form of symbiosis, the British military worked with Haganah in Palestine and Jewish communities to maintain stability and peace through a defense force: “Over the course of time the Haganah became a permanent organization and ultimately, as a result of its effectiveness in keeping the peace, received the tacit blessings of the British Imperial administration” (Goodspeed 96). In this manner, the rejection experienced by Jewish immigrants was commonly based on political and military resistance b...

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...ficant land reserves that would permit the absorption of many immigrants” (Ben-Dror “Ralph Bunche” 522). During the military conflict of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, the stability provided by the State of Israel and UN cooperation provided a means in which the Jewish immigrants could defend themselves through statehood. These governing mechanisms were fulfilled within the Israeli government, which set the stabilizing effect of symbiosis within the Jewish community. These are the important aspects of political symbiosis within the Israeli government, which set the stage for international negotiations for the ongoing Jewish immigrant issues during the late 1940s. The State of Israel provided a foundation for international cooperation with the Arab League, the Palestinians, and other Arab groups that militantly opposed the Israeli statehood at its inception ion 1948.

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