Ethnic Identity And Upbringing, And Family Values Essay

Ethnic Identity And Upbringing, And Family Values Essay

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Multiracial relationships bring about significant challenges to overcome when people become involved. First, there are many differences that each race brings to the forefront such as culture, attitudes and self-identity. Initially, you have the differences between Ed and Jessica regarding ethnic identity and upbringing, and family values passed down by generations. Additionally, differences in socioeconomic status, interactions with society, specifically racial discrimination and possibly education achievement. However, there are also the children to consider, because they are actually biracial. Ed and Jessica’s children travel through life attempting to intertwine both identities of Caucasian and African American heritage. According to Gibbs & Moskowitz-Sweet (1991), adolescents may “feel ambivalent about two or more sets of cultural values, customs, and religions in their family and feel their loyalties divided among their multiple ethnic heritages” (as cited in Choi, Harachi, Gillmore and Catalano, 2006, p. 3).
The marriage of Ed and Jessica has several different dynamics transpiring within it. Foremost, Ed, an African American has a close knit family spanning over generations. Family members have physically provided care for their elders until death. Ed believes it is his responsibility to care for his ailing mother in his home. Furthermore, family members will assume responsibility of care when other family is unable. This is evident by Ed and Jessica adoption of Derrick; Ed’s distant relative’s child, when they could not provide adequate care. Due to Ed being African American his past experiences as a child, with education, employment and racial and social discrimination would be different from that of his wife Jessica.
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...encing their family dynamics. Ed has the potential to lose his current position at work, not only creating strain economically but also negative well-being. Jessica although having high income in her employment, dislikes her current role. Unfortunately, Jessica is unable to leave because of the salary and shortage of sufficient opportunities elsewhere. In the past, both Ed and Jessica had infidelity in their relationship which still causes tension. This family attends church and is part of the community. Ed and Jessica have ties to the community through their children’s parochial schools, neighbors and family within the area. Additionally, the neighborhood is being revitalized and have decided to purchase their current condominium. Furthermore, Ed and Jessica have sought out professional assistance not only for themselves but to also assist their family as a whole.

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