Ethics Are Principles That Govern People Or Group 's Behavior Essay

Ethics Are Principles That Govern People Or Group 's Behavior Essay

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Ethics are principles that govern people or group’s behavior. Ethics is concerned with distinguishing between good or evil in the world, right or wrong of human action, between virtuous and non-virtuous characteristics of people and the basic concept and fundamental principle of decent human conduct. As far as, the medical field concern, Ethics provide the opportunity for legal decision making in health care service such as: How clinicians should treat patient in difficult situations? Which are caregivers considering to provide best treatment for their patients? There are four basic principles to consider when assessing the ethics of a study: Beneficence, Non-maleficence, paternalism and autonomy. The major at these ethical principles will guide the caregivers to give out the best choice and avoid harm to their patients. Moreover, each ethical principle contains specific interpretation and can be approaches to different situations. Therefore, the purpose of Ethics reaches paper is to help students in general and me individual to understand and apply for the future clinical practice in health care.
In normal meaning, beneficence is action that is done for the benefit of others. Beneficence refers to doing good thing and producing good especially performing acts of kindness and charity. It actions can be taken to help prevent or remove harms or to simply improve the situation of others in a positive way. In the medical field, beneficence has been understood as a caregivers demonstrate beneficence to patients by providing welfares and stability it and do no harm toward their patient. (1) All health related professions are expected to promote beneficence as a core value of the performance of their duties and responsibility such as: p...

... middle of paper ... to clinicians for guidance may not have the necessary background or information about making inform choice. (2)
To illustrative an autonomy when it takes place in health care, this is an example: Jehovah 's Witnesses have a belief that it is wrong to receive a blood transfusion. For that reason, in a life-threatening situation where a blood transfusion is required to save the life of the patient life, the patient must be so informed. The consequences of refusing a blood transfusion must be made clear about the patient at the risk of dying from blood loss. The physician may strongly want to give the patient blood transfusion because it is benefit of the patient but they still have to respect of the patient religion and free to choose whether to receive or to refuse the blood transfusion, even though, the predictable outcome as he will be dying from blood loss. (3)

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