Shadowing Reflection

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Goal 2- Garner experience and practice in treatment planning and assessments through performing psychosocial and diagnostic assessments; consider methods of interventions appropriate to client presentation; develop treatment plans with supervisor for assigned clients. My first shadowing session was with one of my home based cases, where the clinician I was working with did an excellent job in helping me with coordinating treatment planning and in gathering useful assessment information as this was a transfer case for which the intake was already completed. Consequently, I was left to complete an individualized action plan for the client who was a 9-year-old girl. A therapist’s awareness of interventions forms a vital part of the formation of an effective…show more content…
Topics explored with this group included; conversational skills, internet safety, bullying, conflict resolution, social media, and personal appearance. Accordingly, I was able to gain insight on how to plan activities tailored to the needs of the group as well as obtain tips on conducting groups effectively. Additionally, I was able to get a sense of the group dynamics, attain knowledge on the stages of a group through observing all the individuals belonging to the group, their uniqueness and how their personality impacted the group itself. Individuals were able to join the group at different stages hence; the forming stage was repeated each time a new member was recruited. This also provided me with the opportunity of gaining first-hand experience of the interaction on the basic dynamics on group stages of forming, norming, storming and
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