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Ethics And Nature Of Ethics Essay

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According to the western philosophy 18th century is the landmark of ethics. Ethics is derived from the Greek term ethos. Though ethics are difficult to define it talks about human behavior and it controls our behavior by telling what is good and wrong / what we should do & what we shouldn’t. There is no universalism in ethics because it depends on the culture, situation and background. Homo sexual relationships are accepted by USA but it is an unethical relationship in countries like India, Sri Lanka. This is the challenge and nature of ethics. Since it is contextual one particular system will not represent ethics. We cannot say religion = ethics. Great philosopher Jennings mentions that we need ethics because we always interact and relate with others so we need to control our behaviors. Moreover there are three constructions / rules of ethics as in Bentham (Utilitarism), Aristotle (Virtue ethics), Kant (Deontology). Emmanuel Levinas point of view of ethics is important when defining ethics. He mentions ethics in relation to Others. He emphasis that In western philosophy talks about “other” and they try to reduce Otherness of others. He further mentioned that break the boundaries of mind, understand the differences of “Other” and have a truly ethical relationship.
“Business ethics refers to an academic discipline that not only studies those standards, values and principles but also seek to articulate and defend the ones that ought or should operate in business” (Desjardins,2009)
Origin of business ethics goes to two three decades back because of the increase of reporting unethical behavior of the organizations and this is a multi...

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... how rules apply. Judgment is therefore always and irredeemably particular” which means, ethics are not alone enough to make a legal organization. Though ethics are morally influences us lot it is needed. Ethics in business is very important because it affect not only to the employees and employers of the organizations but also to the whole society is affected by it. Though ethical organization can attract and keep investors it is not the only benefit of it. Investors can invest their valuable money peacefully with confident of their money is save. Employees know that they are not allowed with unethical behaviors and finally customers can buy products which are worth to the money they spend. Ultimately, one of the most difficult assets of the company, reputation, can be built through ethics very easily without wasting extra money on unnecessary promotional campaign.

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