Ethics : A Moral Principle Of Right Or Wrong? Essay

Ethics : A Moral Principle Of Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Ethics play an important role in our society. It can define who we truly are as a community. In most cases, what is or isn’t ethical is driven by our actions and choices. Most of ethics can be related into business, academics, and personal events, etc. Furthermore, they could either end up being good or bad; however, it all depends on the situation. Ethics are described by many factors that define a person’s characteristic; however, they can influence what we believe is right or wrong as well. More importantly, we need to understand that ethics will continue to change. Because ethics are an important subject, it can influence a great deal how we identify ourselves to others, development of culture, as well as involvement in social events.
Ethics means a moral principle of right or wrong (Lawrence & Weber, 2016a). It can also establish a culture in specific places, depending on a particular group’s belief. However, what is more important is how it defines our character traits. Every action and choice that we make shows others how we present ourselves. A good example of this is a movie called The Emperor’s Club. It is a 2002 American film about a group of young students building a relationship with their teacher (Canin & Tolkin, 2002). The film also portrays the importance of how the characters reveal their true personality. In this case, Sedgewick who is one of the lead characters exposed a lot about his unethical behavior. It begins when he decides to cheat and be irresponsible in front of his teacher. Eventually, he never learned his lesson and continues to cheat throughout his life. Judging by Sedgewick’s traits, it is clear to understand that his actions show who he really is due to whether or not they are ethical or unethical....

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...n’t resolve the issue, then it won’t end. It is always better to have problems resolve, since it is more important “than getting it right (Kidder, 1995).
Ethics is a very important concept that affects our lives. It is determined by our actions and decision making. It is also something we will encounter in jobs and homes. Furthermore, we can all learn that ethics could either be good or bad. However, from my experience and with supporting sources, such as the Lance Armstrong article, it allows me to realize that it depends on the situation. It provides some insights on how ethics are used in multiple ways. In this case, we should understand that we need to learn from our ethical problems, so we would be able to make good choices. Ethics will continue to grow, so we have to become aware of the issues because it is our responsibility to make a better world.

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