Ethical Ethics Essay

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Ethics are basically the procedures of personal acts that are based on ideas or a person, about what is ethically good or bad and they are range of statistics that involves these statistics. So basically, ethics are rules a person sets for himself or herself about what is ethically right or wrong. They involve legal issues and if something is illegal, it does not always mean that it is unethical, consequently if something is ethical, it does not mean it is legal. Where are ethics inspired from? Ethics are influence from many demographics which include family influences, peer influences, past experiences, religion, and situations. People decide whether something is ethical and whether or not it is right or wrong based on these influences. Individuals decide whether something is ethical or unethical based on family influences because people absorb about the ethical status or something family members based on how our families act. Also individuals also conduct their decisions based on peer influences because classmates and friends that surround us, usually impact a person’s believes on what is right or wrong overtime. Furthermore, people also resolve to their decisions on whether something is right or wrong established on past experiences because they predict their benefits on demographics that had happened to them in the past. Additionally, people select some decisions based on religion because a person’s religious beliefs will usually inspire he or she on what is right or wrong. Finally, another way people base their ethical decisions is based on the situations they are in because people sometimes change their beliefs depending on the circumstances they are in. Ethical Frameworks? People use ethics to conduct their decision on whe... ... middle of paper ... ...ence like this is that the impersonator usually lodges up traffic violations on the victim’s record and much like criminal identity theft the victim does not know and is usually faced with severe consequences. This is so because if the con gets stopped for a traffic violation, they don’t want it on their own record as a result they use the other information of the victim. In most circumstances the identity thief will be an already experienced criminal, consequently they may have a horrible record that precludes them from getting a driver’s license on their own name and they result to stealing a driver’s license to acquire driving needs. Finally, if the thief achieves to effectively represent themselves as the victim to an agent that enforces the law, later on the circumstances can theoretically result in criminal identity theft, which in most cases is very extreme.

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