Ethical Issues for Today's Managers Essay example

Ethical Issues for Today's Managers Essay example

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Ethical Issues for Today's Manager
Managers today have a lot of responsibilities. A manager is responsible for hiring, training, motivating; along with other many other things. While dealing with their responsible, they have to make sure that every step taking is ethical.

In this process, management has to recruit and interview potential employees. They can do this by job advertising. With job advertising, the manager or HR (human resource) must be ethical when posting a new positions. “Job advertisements must accurately reflect the duties, responsibilities and competencies of the positions advertised. It also falls on HR shoulders to override hiring managers who sidestep existing "promote from within" policies by advertising externally first, timing announcements around vacations of employees they don’t want to consider or expanding education requirements to disqualify internal candidates.” (Brunot, 2014)
After post goes up and the applications come in, the managers have to choice the best potential employees. When they have the potential employees, it’s time for ...

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