Assignment 2: Ethical Issues In The Workplace

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A.) I feel that this situation is extremely unethical because if you were to keep quiet it is not only morally wrong, but extremely dangerous. There could be a variety of issues that could arise from this choice, ranging from health defects to the public or your company suffering legal litigation due to failing to report the issue in the first place. This doesn’t even include the amount danger to your own career and future with the company. B.) This can be viewed as unethical as well because you are most likely falsifying information or fluffing in order to get what you want. This can be viewed by many as twisting the truth, which is also known as lying. C.) I do not feel that this unethical because depending on what your colleague is not paying attention to it could very possibly result in her being terminated. Now if you are over exaggerating and it is completely false, then yes it is unethical because you are once again lying and blowing things completely out of proportion. D.)…show more content…
I understand that they may be worried about budget cuts, but I am sure there are many other departments that are in a much greater need for the funding that you just basically stole. If you don’t need the equipment, then don’t purchase it just to make your numbers appear
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