Ethical Ethics : Legal And Ethical Essay

Ethical Ethics : Legal And Ethical Essay

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a) Legal and Ethical
In general, Legal behavior are rules that mandate or prohibit certain behavior in society; drawn from ethics. In other words we can say that it is associated with all equipment, processes, procedures, practices, languages, cultures, and other relative concepts in the system of the law.
Ethical means moral principal. Ethics are the moral standards you rely on when you make a decision. Some key moral principles that include integrity, moral obligation, individual and corporate responsibility, loyalty, Obeying the law, Keeping Your Promises etc. Ethical views can change over time according to different situations and environments.
In context of IT and database systems, ethical means you cannot use company’s private or confidential information without permission. Many client companies or organizations have what could be considered ethical codes, which are typically called a Code of Conduct for their employees. It is important that data and database administrators as well as developers recognize and understand the issues surrounding Intellectual Property to ensure that confidential data or their ideas can be protected and to ensure that any unauthorized user can’t access the data.
Illegal and Unethical: Three categories of illegal and unethical behavior are:
• Ignorance
• Accident
• Intent
You should use careful planning and control to prevent accidental modifications to system and data. Client company of my project have a rule that contractor employee cannot send data or information to his company. This is illegal and if you break company’s legal and ethical rules then company will take a legal action. For example, a hacker is a person who illegally and unethically gains access to and sometimes tampers ...

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...oyee information, management information, and business or client information. For data security companies should be:

• Develop a privacy policy
o Personally Identifiable Information:
o dedit or debit card information(customers)
• Once you 've identified your data, keep a record of its location and move it to more appropriate locations as needed.
• Protect data collected on the Internet
• Create layers of security
o Inventory your data
o Identify and protect your sensitive and valuable data
• Plan for data loss or theft
• Protect against phishing and online fraud
• Conduct a data privacy audit
• Consider privacy during project planning
• All confidential information, whether contained on written documents or electronically, should be marked as “confidential.”
• All electronic confidential information should be protected via firewalls, encryption and passwords.

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