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I feel I am equipped with the necessary knowledge to make ethical decisions with my clients. I understand my values and beliefs, so when it is time to formulate the an ethical response, I am able to sit my values and beliefs aside and do what is best for the client, NASW code of ethics, the employer and others who may be involved. I also understand that many times supervisors and or corporate will also help in determining the proper ethical decision with clients. Here at my field practicum there is an ethics handbook and it goes into great detail about the residents rights and their right to refuse care. With continued education and mandatory educational credit hours, I will be sure to stay updated with the current ethical dilemmas and situations that may arise in the area of ethical decisions. I feel that I am somewhat prepared to communicate orally and in writing with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities and colleagues. I believe there is always rom for improvement for me when it comes to people skills. I would like to take some workshops or complete professi...

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