Reflection Of The Accelerated Nursing Program At Southern Illinois University

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It has been over one year since I have started the accelerated nursing program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. When I first started the program in fall 2014, I have no idea what nursing was like. Although I had my bachelor from another institution, everything I learned was very different compared to the information I have learned in School of Nursing. Nursing school has slowly transformed me into a graduate professional nurse based on the professional development that I have completed along the way. It is important for nurses to have the ability to analyze information, using inferences, drawing conclusions, and evaluate your decision and action. During my medical surgical rotation, I was assigned to a female elder patient who…show more content…
We are not only responsible for patient care, but we are also included in many other roles. Before nursing school, I thought that the main responsibility of the nurse is to take care of patient. During nursing school, I learned that patient care was not the nurses known just for. We took many general courses and nursing course work to prepare ourselves to be an educated member. For example, it was required to us to take microbiology, anatomy, leadership, professionalisms, etc to help us to become a better nurse and have a foundation base of education. We give patient care in the hospital, but we are also provider of care. We use the nursing process to help and make decision for our patient. Our decisions are based on critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and accountability. We are hold accountable for everything we do and based on our judgment to provide care to the best of patient’s benefit. We are also known for our role as a manager, designer, and coordinator of patient care. I plan and coordinate patient’s care based on their health care needs. In clinical, my patient has a Foley catheter, I will know to plan and implement Foley care to help with personal hygiene and preventing infections. It is important to make decisions based on priorities, time, and resources. As nurses, we need to know how to delegate and ask for assistance when needed. For example, I needed help to ambulate my patient who has a total knee replacement, I then ask…show more content…
In my ethics class, I was taught on different principles regarding to decision-making. Nursing school has taught me different issues that I can face in my career. One of the biggest ethics issues I learned about is patient confidentiality. We will never disclose any information to unauthorized personnel without patient consent. We have an ethical obligation to patient confidentiality and not to breech this. In clinical and class, while we discuss our patient, we do not use any of the patient’s names. When we talk about our patient, we do it in a close private room and not in the hallway where everyone can hear. As a graduate professional nurse, I need to be aware of patient confidentiality and other ethic issue in order to maintain the
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