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Resurfacing the idea of music in relation to nationalism, this relation supports the idea that nationalism is not always about the serious matters that often concerns politics. Briefly discussed in Chapter 1 of Osit’s “A Nationalist and His music” that music played a part in our history since the ancient times. Music from the Philippines gained attention and it gave the land an identity that contributed to the charm that outsiders admired, such as how a record of the music Antonio Pigafetta witnessed can be seen in his journal. It made our forefathers different and unique. A sign of individuality of the Filipino forefathers before the archipelago was discovered. (Osit, 13)

It is that the idea of a national artist comes to light. A nationalist artist places a viral role is a community or a nation. A national community would be nothing if not for the national artist. One that is headstrong in encouraging the nation in their aim for creativity in their community. They are representative that pushes a community into a national community that will define their culture. They are the pillars for distinguishing the identity of a nation. (Curtis, 235) Not limited to their works but also prolonging towards how there are as an icon to their audience.

As seen in the past Filipino artist has made its role in contributing to the image of the Philippine country as an individual country. Though this has in a time forgotten due to trouble of development and the participation of foreign influences especially in media and film due to the changes brought with it. In this sense a new idea revolving around nationalism came about; unity amidst diversity. Sklan spoke of the role of nationalism in the film industry and how it is of value yet hard to in...

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...bject it that of inspiration for him, something that will always be Filipino. “To inspire and to Filipinize” that was his goal. In many he worked to do so.

More than an artist he was a man that extended his view farther than his occupation as a musical artist, composer and rapper. He was visionary that extended his endeavors. He stretched out to a business of his own that follows his life’s work to lift up the Filipino nation. A short background on the company FrancisM Clothing Company describes the business as a dream made reality. Founded by Francis Magalona, Carlo Maniquiz, Villajin and Willy Valesquez in the year 2005 and officially started in 2006. At first, the initial plan was to determine the Filipino identity, especially in youth through their products. Now the goal of “Filipinizing” the whole world has become part of their vision. (FrancisM Clothing Co).

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