Influence Of Culture On Culture

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Does Culture Effect Ho You View Someone?
Do you think culture can affect a person’s view to others? Culture includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits brought upon a person. In this essay I have read three different stories on how culture can have a huge impact on someone’s life. In the text “Everyday Use “, “Two Ways to belong in America “and “An Indian Fathers Pleu” these three stories explain how culture affects how people view others. One’s culture can cause them to have disoriented vision towards another.
In the text “An Indian Fathers Pleu” the author gives examples on how many times people tend to judge someone off their race or how they look, act, talk and sometime the language they
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Their mother loves making quilts but they’d have a meaning being them and Maggie understood the culture behind them. Dee on another hand didn’t get much of it and stated “Mama I think our culture is dumb” (Walker 83). Dee also is rejecting her immediate African-American background. Although Maggie wants to keep her mamas quilt for use and not as a “show”. Mama also states “I recon she would, I said “god know I been saving them for long enough with nobody using them. I hope she will!” Maggie who will take great care and actually use them instead of for decoration. Mama and Maggie focus on enjoying their life together with experiences and memories and celebrate their African-American heritage. It all goes back to how culture affects how people Maggie finds interest in it and how there able to make and do things differently. However I agree with Maggie getting the quilts. Not only would she put them in everyday use she would also let mama know they are safe and being taken care of. In many ways culture can affect the way people view others. In this essay I have explained how from three different text we have read in
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