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Each year junk food from schools cause obesity, a risk of heart disease later on in life, less energy, blood clots, heart failure, illnesses, no physical shape whatsoever, and in serious cases death. One, junk food is like poison and builds up in your system. Two, it makes children have to rely on it, like a drug. And three, it makes children more and more obese. Looking left to right, year by year I’m noticing something different. Kids are becoming more obese and sickly from junk food. Kiosks, unhealthy diets, vending machines, and even school food is leading kids to disaster. “Every time someone is putting in one dollar for a snack is wasting one dollar from your health bill” I once read in Wikipedia. I see kids education go down and their appetite go spiraling out of control. Instead of bringing a Twinkie, bring a low fat cookie instead. Slowly ease and slip away from this horrible habit and ban junk foods from schools. These are reasons to ban junk food from schools. Junk foods in schools all around the U.S. are creating more and more children to become obese. Over the past 20 years obesity levels have been growing and the same with “obesogenic” food environments. Since the food increase has been so great that there is enough junk food to serve to children for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner every day. All of these facts mean that portions and the type of junk food really can create obesity problems in the U.S. Many people disagree with the opinion given about this topic saying that, “it isn’t a problem”, or “we don’t need to change”. But, all the statistics show that our countries next generation is heavier than this one right now. All of this can be cut down just by cutting down on junk food. I can conclude that junk food is b... ... middle of paper ... because it’s a habit they’re eating it because it’s pleasing to them. Many people think that if junk food is so bad than why is it making people happy? One reason. Most junk food will never go off, so you can always eat it. But, think about what's going inside you. If it never goes off then what does it do? All of these explanations and studies have shown that junk food is creating unhealthy eating habits and addictions. This is why I want to ban junk food from schools. Junk foods are destroying and killing children. Every day children eat junk food at their schools allowing them to be addicted to it. All of this can conclude that junk food is bad for all and it should be banned from schools. Also, since junk food is allowed in schools it creates almost a drug that surrounds them to become more and more obese. This is why junk food should be banned from schools.
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