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The term ‘liberal’ has been used since the fourteenth century but has a wide variety of meanings, latin liber referred to a class of free men, in other words men who were neither serfs nor slaves. It is implied in reference to openness or open-mindedness. The term Liberalism is becoming more and more associated with ideas of choice and freedom and the term ‘Liberalism’ denotes a political allegiance and made its appearance much later in the early part of the nineteenth century. The ‘Whigs’ started calling themselves Liberals during the 1830’s and was formed in 1868 when Gladstone took office. Liberalism is the ideology of the industrialised western society and is a political movement and its origins is within the Enlightenment. Liberals accept that it is necessary to ensure responsibility and with that they should not bring harm to others and curtail the individuals own freedom. The liberal state must be made up by popular consent and be accountable to the people. Its central value is that individuals have a fundamental right to personal freedom. Liberals support the existence of state and its laws to enforce the responsibility of freedom and ensure freedom without justification. They demonstrate strong attachments to opportunity, equal rights, tolerance and diversity. Towards the end of the nineteenth century liberalism transformed itself into a doctrine that was more wide ranging and able to answer criticisms by both conservatives and socialists. Liberalism has been in power in the past and has been challenged and on occasions beaten by socialists, communists, fascists and conservatives.

The first significant event of Liberalism was The Magnacarta which is when the first bill of rights was introduced in 1215 and...

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... put these convictions into effect in economic policy -
We intended policy in the 1980s to be directed towards fundamentally different goals from those of most of the post-war ear. We believed that since jobs (in a free society) did not depend on government but upon satisfying customers, there was no point in setting targets for 'full' employment. Instead, government should create the right framework of sound money, low taxes, light regulation and flexible markets (including labour markets) to allow prosperity and employment to grow.”
Thatcher, M https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/198468.Margaret_Thatcher?page=2
David Cameron describes himself as a big Thatcher fan and a modern compassionate Conservative which would make him a Thatcherite and a liberal Conservative. He considers himself to be not a deep ideolological person but indeed a natural heir to Blair

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