Liberalism And Democracy Essay

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Liberalism and democracy are closely tied together in international politics. They have a central bond which brings out the notion of democratic peace. Today much of Latin America and the European Union practices democracy. The chances of these nations getting into an armed conflict are very scarce in today’s standards. Liberalism promotes the idea of human security and equality and democracy reinforces that idea into the political framework of governing bodies and their higher authorities. Liberalism leads to democracy which promotes democratic peace preventing conflict between nations. This article will look at how liberalism leads to democratic peace through the process of creating democracy.
Liberalism in the sense of a political philosophy was created on the ideas of equality and liberty for everyone. Basically liberalism is concerned with the notion of how individuals in political communities are able to maximize their freedom without violating the rights of other individuals. The liberalistic view on politics is that a legitimate government is necessary to protect the rights of individuals from being harmed by others. Liberalism also ensures that there is a higher authority which protects the freedoms and rights of individuals while also ensuring legitimacy of government. Liberalism is the founding base for much of the Western world’s government policies and constitution. Liberalism ensures tolerance and promotes acceptance between humans and their differences.
Furthermore, liberalism then leads to democracy which is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally. This can either be done directly or by elected representatives. Democracy encompasses racial, religious, ethnic, social an...

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...a voice and a choice. They have the feeling of being secure and free something which is only achieved through national security. Democracies also share similar beliefs and political ideologies which prevent them from engaging in warfare in the event of an arising conflict. The democratic peace theory states that democratic countries do not engage in interstate wars against each other. This theory has been proven true from time and time again in history. There has never been a case of an independent democratic country raging war on another democratic regime. So definitely when it comes to solving conflict through war regime type does matter since democratic states are 99 percent less likely to engage in a fight with autocracies and 100 prevent less likely to declare war on fellow democracy. Democracy is a preventer of conflict on all levels of human interactions.

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