obesity in u.s.

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Obesity in America is directly due to the fast food industry. From the rising mortality’s among people who are obese from fast food. To even the preservatives fast food chains use within their food. Not only have that calorie’s people intake from these restaurants even been miss looked. While people may think they can overcome the urge, fast food chains exclusively use addictive’s in their products to hook people from day one of use. Healthy lifestyles among society have been misled by the very fast food chains, which state their “healthy”. With that said, emotional issues even come to play when involving a human’s appetite to fast food. Even beverages sold at these fast food chains exceed the normal limit of sugar a healthy being should consume. Even America’s view point on serving sizes of meals served at these fast food chains goes way beyond a healthy lifestyle that everyone wants.
Mortality rates related to obesity among people in high populated areas have increased due to fast food. Simply because the products being developed within the fast food chain market are unhealthy. Doctor Joshy states, “Relationship of BMI to all-cause mortality. These results and those of other studies indicate that a BMI of 22.5–24.99 kg/m2, not the broad “overweight” category of 25–29.99 kg/m2, was associated with the most favorable mortality risk because of bad eating habits” (Joshy). Essentially meaning, that mortality’s among people who weigh 25-29.99 kg coexist with their eating habits among fast food chains leading to overweight deaths. While a journalist for the American Journal of Public Health states, “Our findings are consistent with these studies for obesity with all-cause mortality (grades II and III) and CVD-specific mortality (rega...

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...up to 14% among youths. On average, SSB consumption contributes 295 kilocalories per day among those who drink at least 1 SSB per day29 and contributes 33% of the added sugars in our diet” (Kass). While an American Health journalist says, “A 2012 national survey showed that 62% of Americans somewhat or strongly opposed SSB taxes, with 37% of fast food chains strongly opposed… Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers are strongly associated with obesity, which accounted for an estimated $147 billion in national medical spending in 2008, Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) are gaining policy attention as a result of reported links between their consumption and weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. Evidence also shows an association between decreasing SSB consumption and weight loss among people who attend fast food restaurants” (Jou).
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