Is Fast Food To Blame Essay

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“Is junk food to blame?” Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week 21 Nov. 2015: 1124. Academic OneFile. Web. 29 Jan. 2016 Summary: In this article talks about how people mainly target fast food as the leading cause of obesity without looking at the whole picture of what the person maybe doing in their spare time. The body mass index is not based solely on food consumption but also physical activity. In order to effectively act obesity there must be a campaign that promotes healthy eating choices and physical activity. Analysis: This sources is useful because it does not target just the unhealthy eating choices of those that suffer from obesity but also their choices of not being physically active. The information comes from two researchers and there…show more content…
“Fast Food – Is it the Enemy?” Obesity Action Coalition. Obesity Action Coalition. Web. Jan 30. 2016. Summary: Since 1970 America has been effected by fast food nearly 33.8% of the population is affected by obesity and 19% are children. Foods that fast food restaurants serve are highly processed and contain a lot of fats and sugar. This source also provides average calories from fast food restaurants. Obesity is caused by a combination of fast food and the environment that we live in today. In order to help Americans should cut down the amount that they eat out and substitute unhealthy foods for a healthier option. Analysis: This source provides statistics of those that are affected by obesity because of poor decisions health wise. Concerning the calories and fat consumed at every meal in the fast food industry. This is useful because it gives actual numbers to support the argument. In addition many Americans eat out every day and even cutting that down by a couple days and making food at home could create a major difference in the health of those effected by…show more content…
“Obesity and Fast Food.” News Medical., 9 Feb 2014. Web. 31 Jan 2016. Summary: Obesity has become a public health problem in most nations which is linked to several long term health conditions, premature death, and other dangerous diseases. Food choices can causes imbalances between the energy taken from drinks and food. This energy is spent on metabolism and physical activity but those that are affected by obesity usually have slower metabolisms and are not active. People eating out more has increased and is causing problems. Most fat foods are high in all the things that we need the least of. Analysis: This source is useful in providing information that shows that obesity is linked to fast food and the lack of exercise. This a site look at the facts since it is more of a news release of medical findings. This will be useful in supporting my paper because it provides numbers and viable information. Reflection: This source will help me shape my argument that fast food is one of the leading causes of obesity when mixed with the lack of exercise. In addition is will be viable to include considering it lists of problems that come with obesity. This is also a recent document and has relevant
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