Fast food restaurants

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How has the fast food industry impacted society? Fast food is very ordinary in everyone’s lives nowadays. There are food establishments on just about every corner you turn. Doctors say it is bad, but is something that tastes delicious that can have a severe effect in a person’s health . The fast food industry hides behind a facade to some customers, yet to others it is their main food source. Nonetheless the food industry must have a positive and negative, as well as what it causes and results in for consuming it is greasy delicacies and solutions to its often affects.
In some cases fast food is essential to those who are giving blood to increase the saturated fat within the body, with that being said, it prevents people from fainting. Another positive aspect about fast food is that their efficient and its not as time consuming. Moreover, most fast foods have drive throughs, for a faster and seemingly better convenience. Fast food establishments started adding healthy choices to their menu; therefore, gave the consumer the option to choose if their next meal is going to better help them or hurt us. As the population grows the number of fast food places increase because it motivates the economic development
There are many negative effects that come from the fast food restaurants, for one they spread many diseases that kill or make people sick, and the companies that abuse many animals. Many people get sick or they get worse from eating food that comes from fast food restaurants. The food people eat is full of ecoli and even worse, it is later cleaned with chemicals that makes people sick, and companies get off scot free and do not get in trouble from doing this, in the meantime multiple people get infected or die from the food, th...

... middle of paper ... establishments have increased their popularity over the past years causing an obesity epidemic. People should consider moderating their eating habits and not consume fast food consecutively. By limiting these kinds of meals and eating more healthy, customers will have have less risks of obtaining obesity and other health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease etc. “41 states have obesity rates of at least 25%” (Christian Nordqvist, 2013). People these days need to be more educated about the aliments they are purchasing and acknowledge the consequences. Clients should keep in mind that fast food can lead to critical long term effects. Comprehending the effects and risks, consumers will live a healthier lifestyle and prevent pathologies. In today’s society fast food restaurants are a giant catalyst that provokes our population in becoming obese.
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