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What is morality/my ethnics for my health? Six years ago I was diagnosed with Chari Malformation and had to have surgery done on my cerebellum. Because of my condition I have a lot of morning sickness, drowsiness, and pain. Sometimes beautiful sunny days can seem like gloomy and stormy ones to me. Therefore I must take very strong and addicting medications such as Percocet and Valium but because of my morals and ethnicity I search for better alternatives. For example, I like to exercise at least three times a day or during the week if I can’t one day. When my pain is too strong I take a smaller portion of my medication by cutting it in quarters. I drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep my system clean. I try not to eat a lot of junk food such as fast food. Also, I try to get at least eight hours of sleep at night because I cannot function properly throughout the day if I get any less. In addition, I don’t like to eat a lot of sweets instead I try to replace them with fruits and nuts.

How does morality/my ethnics affect my happiness? To me happiness goes hand in hand with my family’s well being and having good relationship with others no matter their beliefs and culture. I try to enjoy every moment I get with my family and friends. But I was not always like that. For example, when I was younger, if I went to a party and people of my culture weren’t there or they didn’t put the kind of music or food from my culture I would practically die of boredom at those get togethers. After I took sociology 101, I learned that intelligent people tried to be open-minded and that only ignorant people would close their minds towards other cultures and new people. Since then I feel more satisfied because to me happines...

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...tisfaction and happiness when I act with Altruism helping others, especially if is on my hand to do it.
Subjectivism has really helped me remove several blocks that I had created over the years, that I didn’t even realize were there, and that they were keeping me from discovering my own story, and ultimately keeping me from experiencing true happiness and joy.

What am I here for?
After this course I can say that I am here to be a better person, willing to do the right things, standing up for my convictions. Also, for being able to live a quality life, and letting my values and desires guide me into living at full potential every moment of my life. As Utilitarianism taught me I will use all the tools and potential that will help me to promote my happiness.
At the end what I really want, is to be in control of my life; and, finding new way to grow up day by day.
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