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Last but not least of my personality are my most important beliefs and values. I reflect very much on the beliefs that distinguish me and I tend to have traditional values. Those values are having a close relationship with my family, having a large number of children and enjoy following traditions. At the same time I have some more alternative beliefs such us been extremely creative, like innovation, interest in entrepreneurship, take risks…
Something that I have very clear in my mind is that I couldn´t give up my family above anything else.

All the previous reflection and analysis done above is what I am now and how I act. So after reflect on detail about the past and present the following part of the assignment will be dedicated to talk about the future.

Very few words describe what I would wish the future to be like: Happy. My objective in life is being happy. Even doe you have your life well planned you never know how is going to end up. That is why, never mind which way I decide to go for life that I will always desire to have all the people around me and me happy.

Each year at university I reconsider how I will like my life to be. Each year I am more conscious of putting effort on my courses, having good grades and doing internships where I can take the most of it. All the previous aspects mentioned are the ones that the majority of parents would expect from their children to do at University. But after this little reflection of happiness I came to the conclusion of how I will like my life to be in the next twenty years. I will explain as detail as possible how I will like my life to be going from the actual situation to the end of my life.

Once I graduate I will like to study a master. I don´t know which the master ...

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... to identify new business opportunities and a expand vision of new start-ups.

During all these years living by my own and having my own family I will have years of experience managing the money I earn. That is why, I found it essential to dedicate some lines in this assignment to describe well of I will like to invest my money on and what I consider a good investment like. Since I was little I believe that the best investment you can do is in education. The education I am talking about is not only high school or college is also includes a psychology in the case of needed, a travel to learn languages and culture… This is the type of education that I believe and I will be willing to pay for it. Some people will find that eating well or dressing correctly is a good investment they can do. But in my opinion the education of my family is a priority to put my money on.
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