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Malcolm X Malcolm X, man of determination, loyalty, courage and most of all man of integrity. To be a man with integrity means to "be honest and to have strong moral principles; moral uprightness" ("Integrity"). By this definition of the word Malcolm X was one of the most incorruptible civil rights activist in history, never once did he do anything to compromise his principles when it came to racism and equality for minorities, namely African Americans. Though he has been called a hate monger for his belief of using any means to achieve equality, he never shook from his burning desire for equality and peace from the oppressive racism of his time. Malcolm X believed in the civil rights movement to such an extreme that during one of his speeches he stated "If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary"("" 2). He was so infatuated with freedom that he would even accept death if it means that he achieved his goal for freedom. Originally known as Malcolm Little, he endured numerous trials and tribulations by being born into an African American family in the time of the great struggle for equality for minorities. At a tender age Little learned about the hate the predominantly white society harboured towards black people. Little developed his attitude towards civil activism as he was growing from his father Earl Little a charismatic Baptist minister and activist (""). Due to Earl Little's activism and his job allowing him to talk to large audiences about the injustice and oppression of minorities, he got threats from the "Black Legion"("Estate of Malcolm X"), a white supremacist group which then put Malcolm and his siblings lives in danger. The Little family had to move away ... ... middle of paper ... ...e disagreed with on whether or not use violence. Malcolm was dead set on leading black people to equality that the main focus of his speeches were to use anything to get their way from starting riots to as far as starting another civil war ("World"). Malcolm X was called many things during his time in the lime light of the civil rights movement, some of the names being hate monger; ironic racist, violent menace, stubborn and he very well could have been all those names but to have integrity means to have strong moral principles and to be honest. By this definition of the word, Malcolm X had integrity to spare as he never betrayed his cause and never once did he forget about the oppression and inequality his people were facing. Malcolm X formally known as Malcolm little was a man of determination, loyalty, courage and most of all man of integrity.

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