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The domination of politics over education and literacy is an ongoing theme in the Middle East region. Policy makers , governments and leaders had imposed certain political regulations and sanctions which affected millions of children and adults and turned it into a millennium crisis. How can politics and unfair policies influence education in Israel based on racism and institutional racism ? 3 THE INFLUENCE OF POLITICS ON EDUCATION IN ISRAEL The State Hebrew educational system (mamlachti/ mamlachti dati) is based on the Jewish calendar . It adheres to the principals f the Jewish State, values and heritage.Primarily, it focuses on technology and analytical skills development. On another note, there are various schools and Pedagogical practices are implemented in various ways featuring Humanistic technological curriculum. The Independent Education System of Israel (Hebrew: החינוך העצמאי - which is translated as “independent education.Education is provided for 2,500,000 pupils , distributed on pre-primary education (ages 2-5), primary education (grades 1-8), primary education (grades 1-8),lower secondary or intermediate education (grades7-9) and upper secondary education (grades 9-12). (Table 1) The lower secondary, or intermediate level provides general education. On the other hand, secondary level is divided into three main streams: academic, technical/vocational, and agricultural. Education is free and compulsory. Public and private sectors are the main education providers ( Wikipedia). Universities and private institution provide a wide scope of specialities and high advanced degrees all over the Jewish state. The diverse nature of the Israeli society reflects on education as school... ... middle of paper ... established in 1955 in Ramat Gan specializes in enhancement programs in the Jewish heritage with a liberal education that includes social sciences through Blending tradition with modern technologies. Areas of focus include physics, medicinal chemistry, mathematics, economics, strategic studies, developmental psychology, musicology, Bible, Talmud and Jewish Law( Israel Ministry of Foreign affairs source). Tel Aviv University was established in 1956.It offers wide selection of disciplines such as strategic studies, health systems management, technological forecasting and energy studies.On another note, The University of Haifa in the northern part of the country offers study about the kibbutz as a social and economic entity and promotes Arab and Israeli understanding and cooperation. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev which erected in 1967 in Beer Sheva in the

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