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With ever increasing pace of change and complexity within businesses, it is easy to

understand why the term “Management” has emerged as the number one differentiator for

organisations and communities around the globe. Likewise it is easy to see why the traditional

methods of management development are no longer producing the desired pace and quality

of results. Typically the effective management aspects include problem solving, interpersonal

communication, decision making, conflict management, negotiation, team building and motivation.

To achieve these eminent skills with the accurate quality of management, an individual must begin

with strengthening the skills that complement his/her best behaviour (Zenger 2009). Being self

aware is highly important in today’s competitive environment and it is essential to exercise one’s

existing positive managerial traits by working out on their weaknesses.

The purpose of this paper is to critically engage with some of the essential management

practices and theories and link them with my personal selection of skills from the previous

management skills essay (skill discovery), by justifying the selected skills with relevant guidelines

and emphasizing on those guidelines, and also by articulating the theory for future management

practices. Additionally this paper includes the relation between theoretical features of interpersonal

communication and negotiation and the significance of these skills from my past practices.


The two skills identified in the previous assessment are interpersonal communication and

negotiation. The identification of these skills has given me the scope and opportunity to conduct

further research on the relevant litera...

... middle of paper ...

... helped me in putting my opinions and views forward through class

presentations and group meetings, perhaps the reason I was voted to lead my class to represent my

school in numerous interschool debate competitions. This approach of communication is frequently

referred to as effective expression because effective expression directly illustrates effective

communication (Hartley 1999, p. 18). There have been instances where this skill has gave me an

opportunity to help my friends with behavioural issues in their work place by listening to them and

counselling them by providing effective feedback and also by advising on how they can improve their

strategies. According to Carlopio & Andrewartha (2012) counselling and coaching skills are important

not only when some needs an advice but also when someone wants to share or express their views

and concerns.