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The Negative Effects of Facebook
As the world turns, everything constantly revolves around us such as technology. Technology today seems to be exponentially growing and more people are becoming addicted to the internet for they are too busy communicating with one another over social media networks. As people are beginning to get used to social media networks such as Facebook, they are beginning to forget their own lives and spending too much time on these types of social media networks. Nowadays, people tend to neglect reality with social media networks due to its accessibility and ease of access instead of collaborating with one another in person; people are beginning to connect through Facebook such as, live chat, group chat, video and etc. Facebook is a really great social site but just like everything it has its disadvantages like getting addicted. The implications on individuals of being online too much can hurt people physically, emotionally, provoking some individuals to react aggressively on certain issues and situations. Therefore, social media are not only used to communicate, but it is also corrupting people as it forms jealousy and trust issues, affects user’s health problems, and causes distraction.
According to the Cyber Psychology and Behavior, researchers conducted a study using Facebook as a tool to collect data of jealousy and trust issues. They found that Facebook is an integral element in relationships. (cited)The study showed that there is a relationship between one’s exposure to Facebook and their self-confidence, faithfulness, and relationship reassurance. The data was basically collected through online surveys that are unknown to the others from the age of 17-24. This study is known to be a correl...

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...its user's daily routine. Prolonged usage of Facebook can eventually lead to an alienated life such as, form jealousy and trust issues, health problems, and distractions. Extensive use of social networking has become an epidemic in today’s society and there is no way that we can stop or deter people from using it.

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