The Social Cyber Chase

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Killing Us Softly (The Social Cyber chase)
The twenty first century is the age of the “Internet” which guarantees people information at the touch of their fingertips. Intelligence of any subject can be acquired- personal or private- in a matter of seconds. This method of public privacy is practiced by numerous social networking websites, which hold personal data of its users. Facebook and Twitter have promised to engulf people with their warmth, keeping them interacted with friends, updated with trends, and connected with society. While several buy into this ruse, they neglect the undesirable effects of networking, which eventually led to depression, presenting a social paradox. The virtual relationships formed online through social networks, are intended to replace physical interaction; people become immensely socialized through a new avenue of communication and remain “connected” with friends or family. This common contact behind masked computer screens eventually becomes insufficient. Yet, people seem to be addicted to social websites resulting in a continuous, daily dependence upon these networking mediums. The more society becomes reliant on social networking, the more people become victims of isolation and depression, as these types of websites merely detach people from physical communication and significant interactions.
Diminishing face to face relations is the prominent contributing factor for depression, created by social networking websites. Social life online is beginning to replace reality, whereas intermingling websites were initially created for people to interact with each other, after meeting in person. Myspace was the first website that took communicating to another height, enabling members to have a profile...

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