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What do You Say about Dress Code?

What are the advantages of looking like everyone else inside a school? Millions of people in the United States say that there should be dress codes. Are you one of those people? There should be dress codes for public schools for three main reasons: it will make a better school, it will save families money, and teens will stop trying to impress their peers with what they wear and focus more on school because everyone will look similar.

Saves Families Money

Dress code saves families money and time. This is because students won’t be pressured to ask their parents for money or to buy the clothes (Dress Code). For instance if you wanted to buy your children new outfits every time they wanted them and they were also all name brand those outfits could come to be around 250 dollars for 2 shirts, two pair of pants , a sweater and a vest or something around that area. Yeah, they will last alot longer than 10 dollar shirts and 20 dollar pants but look at the money you save. You also save a lot of time. One example of a store that sells polos for dress codes is Old Navy. They have these on Old Navy’s website. They have polos for five dollars and 10 dollars for a pair of khaki pants. So that saves you about 200 dollars for two outfits every time your children need new clothes. Also if your kid likes the fashion Hollister or Aeropostale they have polos for 20 dollars and khaki pants for 35 dollars. You can get these polos and pant at Hollister .com/polos the way this save your family time is that you don't even have to leave the house to go and get the clothes you can just get it from the internet. Also if you want to go in to get the clothes you wont have to look that much you will be ...

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...and mentally. This is because students are putting academics before fashion. This is how it affects the school environment.

Those are some of the reason how dress code could help public schools and why there should be dress code for public schools. Those are the three main reasons why schools should adopt dress code: one it will save families money and time, then teens will stop trying to impress their peers with what they wear and focus more on school because everyone will look similar, and will make a better school and better environment. Families will save money and time by buying polos and khakis. Teens will stop trying to impress peers by wearing similar clothing, and it makes a better school environment by lowering gang related actions and grades will improve because teen will put academics before fashion. So lets adopt dress code in public schools.
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