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This module aims to develop a critical evaluation and understanding of contemporary well-being issues related to and affecting the health and social care. It will firstly start off discussing the concept of well-being, along with the effects of the welfare state on well-being. It will also have a brief description of policies and how they are established. It will then review one particular issue and the effects of those issues in health and social care setting. Along with that, it will discuss policies/legislation related to the issue and will critically evaluate the effects of it in the health and social care departments. Lastly, it will critically analyse the impact of current contemporary issues in health, wellbeing and social care followed by an conclusion of the whole essay.

Well-being is a term used to describe the physical, psychological and social condition of an individual. The physical well-being of a person is in relation to the functional daily activities such as eating, dressing, bathing and moving around. The psychological well-being relates to the cognitive functions of an individual, such as being able to deal with fear, anxiety, stress and depression. The social well-being is about one’s ability of being part of a society and interacting with them different people along with fulfilling roles as a family member, a friend, and a colleague. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as the “complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of infirmity” (WHO 1948). This explains how the well-being of an individual does not only rely on the absence of ill health but it also takes into account the other aspects of life which affect the quality of life. Quality of life is def...

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... can only be controlled by the pregnant woman as it is her body. Policies and legislation should not stop a woman from deciding what she wants to do with her body; instead they should give her the complete freedom of deciding what she can do with her body. As there are many reasons as to why a woman wants an abortion, which should only be up to her, therefore health care professions should not have the right to decide for them. As having an abortion can affect a person’s well-being, not having an abortion can have the same affect on someone too. Therefore if the government wants well-being and welfare of its people, abortion should be an issue that is solely up to the pregnant woman even though it will have negative or even positive effects on a female individual. The well-being and welfare of the public relies solely on what issues are addressed by the government.
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