Abortion: A Sensible Approach to an Emotional Issue

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Abortion: A Sensible Approach to an Emotional Issue
Roe v. Wade decriminalized abortion with a landmark court ruling in 1973, yet abortion remains one of the most controversial debates due to the myriad of political and moral issues. Somehow, woman still face many of the issues that the roe v wade ruling was supposed to prevent. Carrying an unintended pregnancy to term can be very problematic to a woman’s mental and physical well-being whether it was a rape or not. The magnitude of damage an unwanted pregnancy can be catastrophic to the child as well. Extreme cases, newborns are killed because a woman could not afford an abortion. Most Americans agree that abortion is okay under dire circumstances like rape. There are countless other circumstances in which a pregnancy can be devastating to a woman, but rape is singled out as socially acceptable because on the surface, it appears to be a definitive, black and white reason. Finding a middle ground that allows woman to decide for themselves what constitutes a dire circumstance might be a more realistic and compassionate choice. The option to have tax-funded, safe, legal abortions is choosing to improve the quality of lives that already exist and is a realistic approach to an emotional issue.
The Impact of Roe v Wade on Society
Abortion should only be for Rape Victims
Scare Tactics Crisis Pregnancy Centers Use
Crisis pregnancy centers are clinics that offer free pregnancy testing, abortion counseling, and other services like ultrasounds. Their billboards pander young, scared pregnant ladies with no support or resources. The word “crisis” implies that there will be options, but these facilities exist solely to prevent abortion and they will use extreme measures like misinformation and...

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...n ever truly understand someone else’s unique circumstances or reasons for not wanting to raise a child. Forcing a woman to carry a baby to term against her will, no matter what the circumstance, is not a moral good. The decision to bring a child into the world should be a wanted event, not a burden or a punishment. Only the woman herself can know whether she is emotionally, physically, and financially ready to raise a child. Women have fought long and hard to vote and have equal rights and repealing legal abortion will set not only woman back, but society as well. No woman should be denied access to birth control, sexual education, counseling, and a safe, legal free abortion. The physical and mental well-being of the collective society is to everyone’s benefit when it is good. A government that invests in the health of its taxpayers is a wise and happy government.

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