affirmative action

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Affirmative action is just because it gives a fair advantage to black Americans, women and other minorities who have suffered from the effects of social injustice in our country. Majorities have constantly opposed affirmative action because they view it as an injustice directed to them.
In Grutter v Bollinger, one can say that affirmative action is just because it is a benign discrimination. One might say that the law school?s consideration of African Americans, Hispanics and Native American student?s (who otherwise might not be represented in the student body) is unjust. However, considering the facts of the case, the school?s policy does not define diversity solely in terms of racial and ethnic status and does not restrict the types of diversity contributions eligible for ?substantial weight.? Grutter?s grade point average was remarkable but data demonstrates that test and high grade point average is not necessarily the best predictors of future success. The law school considers diversity in their admissions because they think that diversity promotes learning outcomes and better prepare students fro an increasingly diverse workforce for society and for the legal profession. Many people would argue that, there is no studies that prove that diversity promotes learning outcomes, but what we know is that, the law school considers diversity for a positive motive. Through diversity, students would be understanding of each others culture and come to respect different views. The school?s program is also flexible enough to ensure that each applicant is evaluated as an individual and not in a way that makes race or ethnicity the defining feature of the application. The law school has also been found to have considered non-minorities with low grade point averages and therefore, Grutter cannot prove that she was rejected solely because of her race.
Affirmative action is just because it helps correct the injustice done to specific groups. Through affirmative action, people of color, white women, and working class women and men of all races who were denied their right to equal opportunities are now able to enter institutions where they explore different aspects of learning and contribute to the society. We now have blacks and women who are lawyers, cops, doctors and engineers. This is important because people of the same race are sympathetic to themselves. A black lawyer would be more passionate about defending his/her client of the same race and also a female doctor would be at a best position to understand what her fellow female goes through and also a woman would be most comfortable with a female gynecologists than a male gynecologist.
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