My Personal Analysis Of The Clifton Strength Finders Test

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After completing the Clifton strength finders test, I learned my dominant strengths and it gave me a sense on what areas I am strong in. It allows you to work in the areas that you are good in and not in the ones you might not be as strong in. My top five strengths were learner, connectedness, belief, positivity, and includer. A lot of these I figured I would have because I am an athlete and I love to be positive. That is good because I practice these strengths every day which in turn will make me better at them and will allow me to use them in my career. Learner is by far one of the best strengths you can have. I am glad because it showed up as being my number one strength. In today’s society you will get no were without learning because…show more content…
This was very interesting because this describes me very strongly. Someone with the strength who has an enthusiasm that is contagious. This theme will make people who have this characteristic feel better about themselves when they can analyze documents and data. This type of person does well in a teaching role or a sales role. While I don’t believe my enthusiasm is always at a contagious level, I believe that I am more positive than an average person. I think the other definitions of this theme describe me in better detail. I do feel better when analyzing data. I excel in fundraising which is a specific form of sales. This strength accurately describes…show more content…
They are even better if you work with a person that has some strengths you don’t have and strengths you have that they don’t. It will make your tasks you are trying to complete much easier because all of your strengths are working together making it much easier for one another. Now knowing all of my strengths very good, I can now know what areas to work in which will make it easier for me because I will be strong in that area. I did see some strengths on the list that I didn’t have that would benefit me. I am going to begin to work on some of the things; I do like becoming a woo. That will help me out a lot with my connections and getting to know more people. Being a woo will benefit me greatly in the working field and I plan on gaining this strength. I can now work on strengthening every part of me making me a strong person in every strength on the

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