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  • Ford and Flexible Manufacturing

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    propelled sales. The automotive industry has grown in the United States from 4192 automobiles on the road in 1900 to 204 million in 2003. In an effort to regain brand loyalty Ford has embarked on an ambitious automotive development process known as flexible manufacturing. In the post 9/11 economy Ford has witnessed five billion dollars in losses per quarter. The company is swimming in debt after their partnership with Mazda and Jaguar and can not afford to lose pace with their competitors. Many Ford

  • Flexible Organization

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    A proper flexible organization provides its work force arrangements where employees are given greater freedom to balance their work and personal commitments such as family, higher education, community activities, religious commitments, professional development, and general interests. Above is Atkinson's model of a flexible firm. He argued that firms increasingly seek 4 kinds of flexibility functional, numerical, pay, distancing. Functional flexibility is a qualitative approach to work, and

  • Flexible Staffing Arrangements

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    Flexible Staffing Arrangements Options for flexible work schedules--once nonexistent--have become a reality, with benefits for workers and employees alike. Job sharing, compressed work weeks, reduced hours, work at home, and flextime have provided employees with the means to realize a better balance between work and family and an opportunity to engage simultaneously in more than one endeavor, e.g., school and work, two careers, and work and leisure. They can also lead to economic and emotional

  • How Flexible is the Brain's Circuitry?

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    How Flexible is the Brain's Circuitry? The brain is a complicated organ, containing an estimated 100 billion neurons and around 1,000 to 10,000 synapses for each of those neurons (1). This organ has the great responsibility of not only controlling and regulating the functions of the body but also sensing and perceiving the world around it. In humans, it is what we believe makes us the highly adaptive and intelligent organisms that we are, as well as give us our individuality. But with so many

  • Administering a Flexible Benefits Plan

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    Administering a Flexible Benefits Plan The process to administer a flexible benefits plan contains steps that are carried out by the plan administrator, Arbor Associates. These steps play an important role in the successful administration of any benefits plan. They include plan design, plan setup, communication development, packaging, enrolling, receipt of the information, and the extracting of necessary data. The plan design consists of what will actually be included in the flexible benefits plan

  • How Flexible Savings Accounts Work

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    Flexible savings account (FSA) referred to by the IRS publication 969 as Flexible Spending Arrangements, is a program that set aside monies to reimburse employees for their medical expenses. These funds are established voluntarily by an employer to keep as pre-tax dollar for their employees medical and health related expenses. Pre-tax dollar benefits the employee because it decreases their tax liability. There are distinct problems if you terminate employment, but there are strategies to help you

  • Flexible Work Arrangement

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    Employees are increasingly interested in jobs with flexible work schedules. What factors are driving this interest? The impact from changes in economy, technology, social and lifestyle in today’s environments have boosted the awareness of flexible working arrangements in an organisation. Evidence from the previous study indicated that the competitive working environment and increasing workload had caused family and personal life being neglected (Mary & Chris, 1998). Smith (1993) pointed out that

  • Military

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    effectiveness of any particular association is directly proportional to the functioning of its members. As a firm increases in size the participants lose sight of the concept of teamwork. To maintain the competitive edge a corporation must remain flexible. To this end, varying styles of organizational structure have been implemented. Much of this framework is determined by the business type, goals to be achieved, and even the sociological level of advancement. Our armed forces today reflect this philosophy

  • Classical vs. Keynes

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    function and the line DN represents the demand for labor. As the real wage increases so does the labor supply function, but as the labor supply function increases, the demand for labor decreases. Because the Classical model makes real wages perfectly flexible and allows it to adjust to the level that clears the labor market, the real wage and the level of employment can be figured out by using diagram two. Once given the level of employment determined from diagram two, it is possible to use diagram one

  • Flagella And Cilia

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    often very asymmetrical, and have more side to side swing. Also, the protozoan usually rotates and moves with the flagellum from the front end.CiliaCilia are tiny hairlike appendices that swim or beat individually or in large fields. They work like flexible oars. The movement of each cilia must be closely coordinated with all of the other cilia. This is called metachronal rhythm, which is a wave of simultaneously beating groups of cilia moving from the anterior to posterior end of the organism and is