Barriers Of Entry In Event Planning

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The barriers of entry that could possibly affect the market in which my event planning business operates is brand loyalty and economies of scale.

Economies of scale are a barrier to entry that affects the market in which my business operates as well. Moreover, I see economies of scale as a barrier because when many event planning businesses start out they are not able to fully produce goods and services on a larger scale right then and there without incurring many large costs. However, when they have been around for a while and have gained substantial amounts of brand-secondary'>business then they essentially are able to produce more of their goods/services on a larger scale with less input costs, therefore, economies of scale are said to be reached. So,
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So, furthermore, it is quite easy to enter and exit the market however, brand loyalty can influence how well your event planning does in the industry. Thus, consumers tend to look at the level of knowledge, expertise, and experience many event planning businesses entails in order to differentiate one from other competitors. Therefore, you tend to see that many consumers generally base their decisions and choices on if they have utilized the services previously, does the company have a great reputation, is the company known for exceptional services and events, and does other consumers speak highly about the business. All these factors contribute to how well a company excels over its competitors in the market. Moreover, these attributes and qualities brings forth and bridge brand loyalty among its consumers and potential consumers looking for quality services and companies within the event planning business and causes many event planning businesses to stand out and reign supreme over others. All the more making it harder for other incoming event planning business to excel due to others in the industry have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge and expertise according to many…show more content…
In addition, this barrier to entry essentially results from many profitable event planning businesses incorporating trust, reliability, credibility, and responsibility. Besides, advertising is a very keen objective that serves a grand purpose in brand loyalty. Likewise, many established businesses have more opportunity and awareness through advertising. The role of advertising serves as a barrier to entry within my market in that it strengthens buyer preferences for the products/services of recognized existing firms (Thomas & Maurice,

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