Worth The Cost Of College Life Essay

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People tend to overly frustrate and heavily stress themselves out for the privilege of college. Has it ever occurred to the disbelievers in the adult education system that they have that style of life for a reason. The price of college is what lights the fire in the hearts of those who know and understand its worth. They are highly aware of the limited field of the most valuable asset known to man, opportunity. Opportunity for the career and salary of a lifetime? Please. It is an immaculate flaw to even despise the cost of collegiate education. It is only appropriate to highly respect it. It isn’t just a matter of my belief either, document f archived a survey asking the everyday man what they believed. The results were expected and a whopping 86% of people agreed that indeed college is in fact worth the cost. This is an extremity of an example because it highlights the fact that the topic of the worth of college holds a thought on everybody’s mind. Therefore my focus of the expenses of college being probably is not only supported by a sense of reality, but from a thought of the people. …show more content…

The sole purpose is money, how we exactly make it, and how exactly we use it. That’s the basic building block of finding the job you’re seeking. It’s a harsh reality that to achieve the extremity of wealth we all desire is an excruciating challenge, but the question is what can be done to achieve it? As expensive as college can be the price will be no negative associate of your life once you use the knowledge and pursue the career path you chose. Claimed in Document D those with a degree make almost 100% more than those without. The question of if college is worth the cost should not even be a question when thrown in the faces of those who plan to execute in high income and in reality I believe that is everyone. Money alone sparks the argument into a one sided battle in favor of college being completely worth the

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