World War II

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World War II December 7, 1941, Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, a day that will live in infamy. Mrs. Augspurger remembers feeling shocked. There had been reports of the Japanese becoming stronger, but she had no idea they were strong enough to attack us and hurt us like they did. At first, people did not believe we were attacked; they thought it was a drill. We were a strong nation and weaker nations would not dare attack us on our own soil. Because of the events at Pearl Harbor, the United States joined WWII. During the war, Mrs. Augspurger became known as a "Rosy Riveter", a young housewife who worked in the factories while the men were away at war. She worked at Wrights Aeronautics and Ford Automotive. The aeronautics plant made sheet metal for the planes, and of course Ford Automotive made automobiles. However, unlike many housewives, Mrs. Augspurger continued to work long after the end of the war. She celebrated the end of the war by buying a new used car, decorating it, and driving it up-town horns blaring. It was a day to rejoice!
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