World Is Flat Vs. Why The World Isn T Flat By Thomas Loren Friedman

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The world is flat vs why the world isn’t flat The world is flat is written by Thomas Loren Friedman who is an American journalist and author. He goes on to write about how flat the world has become and the level of globalization achieved over the years. The journey to Bangalore India and the interaction he had with the Nadhan ‘Nielkani the CEO of Infosys technologies limited, in one of the conferences he attended as a part of the discovery crew. Where he witnesses how the As he tries to explain the level of connectivity achieved by the world he enlightens events and business activities from all around the world which have contributed to the flatness, which is the connectivity of the world in Friedman’s words. On the other hand, Pankaj Ghemawat,…show more content…
Even though all these things have certain level of numbers, it is not completely defining globalization on a long term. It’s all part of a global world but it is not giving importance to all the required factors for globalization. One fact that I don’t mind agreeing with Pankaj’s point of view is that, we are not completely globalized, for I consider globalization to be something that keeps on developing and growing and there is no set limit to it, we will keep growing as far as there is imagination factor alive and going in human civilization for attaining better stands of living. The point where he takes about Globaloney, after caring out his surveys and says people overestimating the level of globalization, it’s because people are thinking in terms of connectivity and how connected they are to the world and not just in terms of the economy or in terms of financials. Globalization is a process, and all the remote places are getting connected and are getting the piece of the pie, though it is the smallest size, they are getting to taste it and sooner or later the level of awareness will grow and the total flatness will be

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