The World Is Flat Essay

When thinking if the world is flat or if it is not flat, we know it is not flat, because of science. On a more metaphorical standpoint, we can think of flatness as "Does it contain depth?". In this time frame does our world still contain depth? We have the ability to travel both high and low in our world. We can travel across the earth unlimited times in one life. With globalization we have to face, does our planet have any depth in which an outsider can not reach? Thomas Friedman believe the world is 'flat '. Pankaj Ghemawat believe the world is not 'flat '. Both of them have their reasoning but in actuality which one is right?

the world is flat theory provided by Thomas Friedman resides in that, our world is so connected that the depth of the earth no longer phases us. All of us being together at once makes distance irrelevant. We can be together via a short plane ride, or even through the screen with the comparability of our own home. Our ability to be face to 'face ' with people from America, China, and India all at the same time, insures our connectivity. At this point in time the geological location of someone will not limit their ability to succeed according Friedman. With globalization we originally saw country 's power expand currently we see individuals power expand across the globe. A single boy from Romania can have the same information that a boy from Bangalore or Russia or Vietnam has. He can also same influence
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The first being around 1449 and continued to the 1800’s which it made the the travelable distance of the world much shorter, shrinking the human perspective of earth from large to medium. The second wave was companies going global again shrinking our world from medium to small. Our third and current wave is small groups and more importantly individuals going global. With the 3rd wave we also see that globalization has actually truly became global and is no longer western and

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