Workplace Bullying: An Integrationist Model Of Bully Behaviors

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Article Overview:
I chose the article Workplace Bullying: Considering the Interaction Between Individuals and Work Environment by Al-Karim Sammnani and Parbudyal Singh. In this article authors Sammnani and Singh, (2015) did a review of multiple studied on bully behaviors. Realizing that most research on bullying behavior is focused solely on the target, Sammnani and Singh propose a “more complex and integrated approach to workplace bullying” (p. 1). Sammnani and Singh, pitched the idea that “no comprehensive model of workplace bullying would be satisfactory without also including personality and other individual factors of both the perpetrator and victim” (p. 2). Rather than focusing solely on the bully the bullied, Samnani and Singh suggest that researchers employ what they call “an integrationist approach in empirical research” (p. 2). This approach they believe will better show the relationship between the bully (perpetrator) and the bullied (target).
By employing the integrationist approach Sammnani and Singh (2015)
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13-14), as key markers of bully behavior. I chose my article on bullying for two reasons: (1). It’s a hot topic and I’ve become more interested in this behavior since taking a course in it, and (2). I strongly believe that there is a connection between bullying behavior and the suppression of race, class and gender.
Bullying has been the getting more and more attention in research for the past few years, because many individuals have been seriously hurt physically, damaged psychologically, and even killed literally due to bully-ism. Since bullying is brought about by an imbalance of power is it fair to say, bullying is a systematic tool of violence used to intimidate and maintain dominance (Coloroso, p.
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