Women's Rights in Mexico

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A revolution occurs when a need for drastic change is necessary to alter ones way of living. The change they are fighting for would end up to be a positive impact once victory prevails, but of course with every battle there are disagreements and violent quarrels. Revolution may seem to be a negative connotation, but there are always two sides to every story. Just like many other countries around the world a Latin American country called Mexico went through a revolution of their own. Although the Mexican Revolution was mainly fought for the distribution of land, it opened a gateway for the women. One of their main issues during the Mexican revolution dealt with women and their struggled determination for equality. Having many roles in society with restrictions placed upon them, an urge for mobilization, and a wonderfully strong woman role model named Hermila Galindo, it gave them all a reason for the extra push they needed for the change they wanted for the future. Being able to finally put their voice in action the women of Mexico fought proudly for what they believed was right.

Growing up everyone has certain roles to perform; gradually your roles can change once you are freely able to express yourself without any restrictions. Unfortunately just like thousands of other women in the world at the time, the women of Mexico were limited and had role in which they followed. A challenge Mexican women had during their early times was that, “no unmarried women under thirty could legally leave her parental home” (Soto, 10). This limited women to their own individuality as they were force to stay home and take care of their parents since there was no husband to tender for. Every women wanted to get married so that they can grow older a...

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...ty between men and women. Till this day women are fighting constantly from being oppressed from the men in society. Hermila Galindo helped through the Mexican Revolution tremendously as she stated and stood up for what she believed in.

When drastic changes are needed to be done for equal opportunities and a better chance for the future a revolt is bound to happen. So with the Mexican revolution going on and men off to fight, the women faced many personal and governmental issues at home. Eventually being mobilized through political destruction, women were able to change the roles they were perceived, restrictions amongst them lessened, and Hermila Galindo became a huge factor with it all as she had political connections. In the end, the women of Mexico were bounded successfully in which they change how they were look upon among men and the rest of Latin America.
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