The Oppressed Role Of Women

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Women in history were subjected to an oppressed role, which men were in control. Many of these women created groups to talk about these problems such as the Seneca Falls. Women fought for equality, but some were happy with the status quo, and some simply became the change. Initially, women fought for equality to end the oppressed rule of a man and wanted to be equal to a man in every way possible, women soon called themselves Feminists. Women in general, were forced to marry a man that the father saw fit to the daughter but this sometimes brought years of abuse and cruelty to the women. Women were forced to not just to bear children and teach the boys education but were to just plain out do nothing because men thought women …show more content…

Many women saw that this change was stupid and irrational because not every woman could go out, go work in a factory or work long hours because some women had children to take care of. Some women agreed with men that women should follow a man’s footstep without any questions because they were a weaker sex and “cannot be good leaders in business, publicities and academics ”(Sexism 1). Women also didn’t want to get used to “some customary behaviors in the workplace as ‘sexual harassment”’ (Philosophical Feminists 4) because men still didn’t respect the female body like the radical feminists wanted men to do. Even today men still don’t respect the female body because men still don’t see women as equal to men. Women still question if feminism is here today such as “revealing clothes, designer-label stiletto, and amateur pole dancing” because men don’t see women as equal because of how they dressed and that society sometimes did not approve of it. Some women think that today laws aren’t equal enough because women still don’t get the same amount of money in certain jobs and women, back then, wanted laws that made them equal to men that protected but many were “protective labor laws [that] were overturned (Feminism 5).” Many women didn’t want to get into this lifestyle because it was scary and just wasn’t normal. Women were used to just staying home and just listening to what their husband would say. Today, one sees women …show more content…

Anthony but there were many other who help women throughout history. Early women’s right activist, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, were weaken, and shot down when “the new amendment cast white women ‘under the heel of the lowest orders of manhood’” (Mink and Smith 2) because women weren’t important during the Civil War. But what started it all was the “Declaration of Sentiments” which, Stanton created, stated that “‘all men and women [had been] created equal’” (Feminism 2) which the Constitution said the People were. Even though this really didn’t help women, this was the stepping stone of women 's right movement which later accomplished many rights such as the right to vote in 1920, the trail case of Roe v. Wade which gave women right to privacy of the body in the mid-1970s, and a lot more recent events since the 1980s. There were many who played a major role in setting these stones down beside Stanton and Anthony, these women were Susan Moller Okin (who fought for self support), Alison Jagger and Iris Marion Young (who fought for economic support) and Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin (who wanted to change the way men saw women). Not only did these women wanted to change right now but for future generations that wouldn’t suffer what women had to go through to get this rights that women

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