Wireless Communication Technology

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In this part of the assignment I am firstly going to explain the effectiveness of Wireless Communication, its advantages and disadvantages. This will include the different types of Wireless technologies and how they will make transmitting data easier or harder than ever. Also I will talk about Wired communication which is one of the older technologies but now we have several different types of media forms on wired communications and they all do a different job. Wireless Technologies could be satellite links or Radio communication. They all have good and bad points to discuss. Wired Technology could include twisted pair, Fibre optic or broadband over power lines. Wireless communication has transformed the way we communicate to each other. Emergency services will use radio frequencies to speak to the headquarters, the press are using satellite uplinks to send their data to the news room and consumers are now using wireless access points to access their network without cables. When emergency services use radio frequencies it’s usually a two way radio system or they would use a 3G connection so that they can connect to the Database. For instance if a police officer needed to check someone’s licence plate they will need to connect via 3G and look at the database to see whether that person has a valid licence plate. The advantage for this is that the Police can do their job quicker and more effectively. The one thing which will stop the police from doing their job might be a bridge which has no copper lining inside, Copper lining enhances the signal which is bumping off the bridge. If there is no signal inside a bridge and the police get stuck in there they cannot do their job and they are out of reach from the head office. When a... ... middle of paper ... ...e in the rural areas of the UK to connect to the internet. The disadvantage would be that it’s slow and it can interfere with emergency services communications [1].In the states to provide customers with broadband access several electric companies created this kind of connectivity so that their customers can connect to the internet, also this gave the companies a better way to manage and control the reliability of their electric grids [3]. Information References: [1]- Ralph Stair, George Reynolds and Thomas Chesney. 2012. Fundamentals of Business information systems. 2nd edition: Cengage Learning EMEA. [2] Backbone Map of British Relay stations. Wikipedia. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b7/GPO_Backbone_map.jpg [3]Darroch,Jenny, “Knowledge Management, Invovation and Film performance” Journal of Knowledge Management. Vol 9 , 2005, p101.
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