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In this part of the assignment I am firstly going to explain the effectiveness of Wireless Communication, its advantages and disadvantages. This will include the different types of Wireless technologies and how they will make transmitting data easier or harder than ever. Also I will talk about Wired communication which is one of the older technologies but now we have several different types of media forms on wired communications and they all do a different job. Wireless Technologies could be satellite links or Radio communication. They all have good and bad points to discuss. Wired Technology could include twisted pair, Fibre optic or broadband over power lines.

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Microwave signals tend to be 300MHz to 300GHz which is a signal that is sent through the air. Satellites are stations which will orbit the earth in a pattern; if there was no relay stations then we would all rely on the satellite to be in the same position as you are so that you can access the data. What a relay station does is it will catch the signal, amplifies it and then retransmits to you or another station which will send the data throughout the whole of Britain. Our nearest station is in Birmingham, the city centre [2]. So the disadvantages of using a satellite uplink is that if you were a reporter on a case in Africa and wanted to broadcast something via a satellite without relay stations you may be cut off and your signal will be very weak [1], plus you will need to do it at the right time of day otherwise the satellite you were after would be over another country or state in Africa which is no help to you. The advantage of satellite communication is that if there is a massive mountain which will otherwise block a microwave relay station from getting past the satellite will be able to pick up that signal from the other side and then transfer it to the other side of the mountain and then relay the signal again. The most common satellites are the low orbit types which are approximately 35000 meters above the earth, so the satellite will appear stationary and …show more content…

In Wireless communication like we have just discussed, if there is a mountain in the way the wireless signal will get lost but if there was a cable going around the mountain signal will not be lost at all, it will just carry on. The first cable I will talk about is the twisted pair type of media. This is mainly used for Ethernet and telephone networking, so this type of cable would be used inside a LAN mostly. The advantages of this cable would be that it can also be used for Telephone service which means that when you dial someone the pulses of electrical charges will be pulsating through the cable through different types of terminal equipment to reach its destination. The disadvantage of using this type of cable would be that there is a transmission and distance limit that will mean that every mile or more you will need to use a repeater so that it can relay the signal and send it again through the same cable, this could cause signal

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