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    Radio: Making Waves in America Radio-wave technology is one of the most important technologies used by man. It has forever changed the United States and the world, and will continue to do so in the future. Radio has been a communications medium, a recreational device, and many other things to us. When British physicist James Clerk Maxwell published his theory of electromagnetic waves in 1873, he probably never could have envisioned the sorts of things that would come of such a principle. His theory

  • Film, Radio, And Radio And The American Culture

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    Module 1 Assignments 1. Explain how film, radio, and television helped change America from a community based culture to shared, homogeneous culture. Television altered the way we consumed our free time - people began remaining at home, more willingly than going out to the cinema or other places. Television exposed us to many different cultures on a bigger scale than ever before. Without doubt, the influence of television would prompt marked social change in America, as people began to relate to

  • radio news

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    Radio News Speech Good morning, Sioux City. This is Adam Lewis and you are tuned to KL&R on this delightful March 3rd for all your news so you’ll know what’s going on. This story coming right out of good old Sioux City…. Eleven businesses in a strip mall on Gordon Drive are all wet after a water main burst early Wednesday morning. Water and mud spewed from the break in the main and into businesses at Sioux City's Gordon plaza. "We walked in to open the store," said Beverly Gonzalez, Dollar etc

  • Censorship In Radio

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     Censorship in radio For the past several years Freedom of speech in America has had it’s meaning changed many times. Although the changes have gone unnoticed by most Americans, In the radio business they are felt day in and day out. radio personalities, programmers, and owners have to deal with this everyday but they too have no real idea what the Federal Communications Commission’s idea of free speech is. You see the rule seems to change depending on who you are. If you are tagged by the FCC anything

  • Invention of the Radio

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    of the most impactful one’s was the invention of the radio . This invention provided society with many things which include entertainment, communication, and easier access to information. Radio is still a central part of the society today but just like any other invention radio has an interesting history of how it progressed through time. Every invention ever known to man had pioneers or people who contributed to the creation of the product. Radio had many pioneers that allowed for its creation and

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    Radio I have selected to listen to CBS (101.1) FM and WNYC (820) AM. CBS FM is considered to be a commercial radio station, were as WNYC is a public radio station. These are two entirely different radio stations, which I've selected to listen to for my assignment. In this essay, I will discuss the format of the stations, how they affect me personally, and the use of productions of each station. CBS FM has an old style sound that works well with the program. The sounds are from the fifties,

  • FM Radio: The Rise and Fall of the Radio DJ?

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    ever had a favorite radio show on a favorite FM radio station, it’s only a memory from days gone by. The age of the FM radio DJ has been a large part of our culture in the past, but is has slowly been coming to an end. Djs were a very important part of the 60s and pirate radio as well as, continuing to do so throughout the 70s and 80s. Now with the availability of internet radios and national radio stations having a digital setlist, DJ’s no longer have the sway over the radio stations that they

  • History of Radio

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    Radio History The radio has evolved over time. The radio we listen to today has a different format, purpose, viewer reach, and clarity than it did before the 1950s. The radio has survived the threat of the television industry by changing with the times. It has been dealt with in the law through acts and the creation of the government regulating agency (FCC). Today the radio is the cheapest and most affective way to communicate with everyone around the world. It began with the invention of the

  • Censorship in Television and Radio

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    Censorship in Television and Radio For our group project we, group 6, decided to focus our attention on censorship in television and on the radio. We showed most of the attention to the Janet Jackson incident in Super Bowl 38 when looking at television, and for radio, focused on the FCC and disc jockeys like Howard Stern. Here are the television articles as done by three of our group members. If there is a single most important event that happened in television that caused major ramifications

  • Compare And Contrast Fm Radio And Satellite Radio

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    writing assignment two, we had to compare and contrast two items and write an essay about them. In this paper I chose FM radio and Satellite radio; because I want to get in the radio field after graduation and I thought it would be good to know the difference. I already knew the basics of radio but I wanted to dig deep and find out how it’s ran and why people pay for satellite radio. Although this was the second writing assignment in class it was the most challenging for me because I had to take my

  • How Radios Work

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    Radios are the most common wireless item in existence and are in most homes. We use them for entertainment, communication, as an information source, or even just back ground noise. For many of us radios are almost a necessity, but how much do we know about how they function? Antennas are one of the key pieces to a radio. Antennas come in a variety of shapes and sizes; they vary from large arrays to a small wire. Much of this variance is based on the broad use of radio waves and practicality; for

  • Essay On 1920s Radio

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    newspapers and live sports. Then, the radio came. In the 1920s and 30s the radio impacted culture by informing the public of news, bringing together America’s music and sports, and even uniting America to stop the Great Depression and restore faith in government. The radio was first invented in 1895. At first, people were unaware of the possible uses radios would eventually hold. Twenty five years after the radio was invented, the beginning of commercial broadcasting radio stations began with the KDKA in

  • The Golden Age Of The Radio

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    closer look on the golden age of the radio, how it started and reached its highest point in history. The evolution of the radio throughout the years had an impact on populations, it was a turning point in history in order to reach people and change the world. First of all, we will talk about the history of the radio, then about the important role it had during significant times and finally the different subjects we could find. The period when radio reached its peak popularity with general

  • Radio One Essay

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    Radio One, Inc. Acquiring 12 new stations will give Radio One an even broader national presence in a market that has a high growth potential. The population growth rate as well as the income rate are increasing at a much faster rate for African Americans than for any other ethnic group within the U.S. An opportunity for the Radio Industry is the deregulations that have taken effect through the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Companies can now grow exponentially because they are able to consolidate

  • Radio Waves

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    Radio Waves In the modern society, radio is the most widely used medium of broadcasting and electronic communication : it plays a major role in many areas such as public safety, industrial manufacturing, processing, agriculture, transportation, entertainment, national defense, space travel, overseas communication, news reporting and weather forecasting. In radio broadcasts, they use the radio waves which can be both microwaves and longer radio waves. These are transmitted in two ways: amplitude

  • Radio and Media Policy

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    Some may ask why care about the radio and media (radio) policy? Because the radio shapes our views on the issues that we care most about. All our opinions are formed by information — and while some of that information may come from personal experience, we get much of what we know from the (radio). There must not be a deregulation; it would be detrimental to us all. Toomey’s argument is that radio is a community resource that is being misused, and she is a making a call to action for people to get

  • The Radio: Past and Present

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    The Radio: Past and Present “He shoots!!! He scores!!!” these are famous words that Foster Hewitt made famous broadcasting a hockey game on the radio (“The Early Years”). It was words like these that the public became used to because there was no television. The radio served as the first medium to hear things live as they happened. This gave sport fans the opportunity to sit down and tune into a game anytime they like. The radio started off big and then took a dramatic fall due to the introduction

  • Essay On Sports Radio

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    Sports Radio Broadcasting Did you know that radio waves travel at 189,000 miles per second? Throughout its long life career, radio has always had a close relationship with sports. Today sports radio continues to be an important media in the athletic culture. Even with the giant, which is sports itself today, sports radio is still one of the most popular, reliable and convenient ways to listen to live games, hear scores, or even listen to sports talk shows. This paper will cover three big subjects

  • Radio in the 1930's

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    Has anyone ever wondered how radio communications changed society during the 1930’s? According to the research done by the Education Foundation, many people believe that the most important development in the radio at that time was entertainment; this is entirely false. In fact, radio communications not only made an impact in the way people received their news, but also brought together a nation that got out of a brutal depression. Together, the nations as one made radio communications the commanding

  • Radio Movie Analysis

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    The movie Radio is filled with heartwarming and good feeling moments. When coach Jones takes in a mentally disabled African-American nick-named Radio, he doesn’t just change Radios life he changes everyone in the town. Much like an actual radio, Radio takes a little tinkering to reveal his true character. Though some conflicts do arise from Radios presence on the field and court, many heartwarming moments do happen. A main theme in the movie Radio is change someone’s life and they could also change