The Impact of Digital Technology on the Film Industry

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The Impact of Digital Technology on the Film Industry

The purpose of this research assignment is to put forward a convincing argument in how digital technology in the last four years have completely revolutionised the whole film industry. This thesis will attempt to focus on the main disciplines of film making and the impact that technology has had on each area. Firstly, this article will look at recent changes in the pre-production area of film making followed by what new equipment and storage facilities are being used during film production. Next is arguable the biggest transformation in the film industry as a result of technology, namely the post production stage. New methods of film distribution are explored followed by the negative impact that technology has had on the film industry with the main focus being on the illegal distribution of copyrighted film footage. New ways in post-theatre film distribution is also explored and the impact that continual break-through technologies are having on the education and training of professionals working within the film industry. Finally an examination of the impact of computer generated graphics on the film industry is concluded by a brief discussion on what the future may hold for the film industry.

During the pre-production phase, digital tools and technology have transformed the script writing process by making use of digital tools and the internet. The internet is being used by scriptwriters to forward their scripts to directors and potential cast members but it also caters for peer reviews by way of online forums. There has been a significant increase in the last decade in the use of digital video cameras for low-budget film shooting along with higher definition vide...

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...y conceivable scene can be computer generated if resources are committed to achieve the desired goal. Technology is set to continue to revolutionise the film industry for many years to come (Huang 2004).

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