Microsoft: The Marketing Strategy Of Microsoft Company

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I. Executive Summary
Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation that manufactures, licenses, develops supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services. Microsoft’s best known software products are the Windows line of operating systems, Internet Explorer web browser and Microsoft Office. Microsoft offers all sorts of electronics from computers, tablets, to gaming consoles, and also offers other services to its customers as well. Microsoft takes a lot of pride in every aspect of products that it sells, but with other companies releasing newer products they must keep up in the market. The base for this marketing plan is an analysis of the opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses for the company. The plan focuses on creating more business for the company, to figure out where the weaknesses are so they can become the top seller for video game consoles.

II. Environmental Analysis
Microsoft recently released the future gaming console Xbox One. Microsoft controls every aspect of the process in which the gaming console is build, beginning with production in its factories which are located in Dublin, Ireland, and Puerto Rico all the way until its customer. This includes everything that goes into marketing, including pricing and promotion, along with actual distribution of the product. In order to accomplish corporate strategy, an analysis of Microsoft’s Xbox One business environment is in order.
A. The Marketing Environment
Competitive Forces- The competitive forces surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox One include Sony’s PlayStation 4, and Nintendo’s Wii U. Another part of competition involving the release of the new system will be that people enjoy the applications and games on the...

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...ave to push the release date of the system back would be a major malfunction discovered during production, or if we aren’t able to get our hands on the products from the other companies we deal with. It currently costs us $49 dollars to create this console and we will be selling it for $499. This alone on the release day if we sell out our pre-orders will bring us in a revenue of $675 million dollars. This though is before we pay all of the workers who developed the product, built the product, and also the money we pay to advertise, pay rent for our warehouses, and machines. After all of our expenses are paid for Microsoft will have made $350 million dollars from just the consoles being sold on the release. We continually need to manufacture this product because it is estimated that we sell 400 million consoles by the time the next generation of systems comes out.
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