Network Management Plan And Security Plan

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The agreement between the company and I was to advice the company management toward adopting the best network management plan and security plan. Through the study, I carried out in the firm I was required to evaluate the firm requirement in term of network planning and making sure that the firm has proper mechanism to secure its systems against malicious damage. Considering that, the management personnel have background in IT therefore; they required me to give an expert opinion on the best ways in which they can adopt the network management and the security plan. They required me to evaluate firm needs and what the IT world would offer the firm to enable them to lay down plans for the network and security in the firm.
Network management planning and security planning involves identifying the best and most appropriate systems and hardware that the firm can use to better manage network and plan security systems. Therefore, the management required me to examine the best software and hardware systems in the market place that the company can adopt to enable it to manage the network and security. The management required me to advice on the implementation procedure of various plans that are going to be adopted. My responsibility also involved finding out or predicting the impact of the plan on the future operations. They required me to evaluate the challenges the company might face while adopting the changes in the network management plan and security plans.
The network management plan and security plan is important to help the company figure out how they will improve its network and security procedures for the company. Planning involves outlining objectiv...

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...igure within the system. The software should enable usability in accordance to the company requirements; it should be in a position to have the functionality that meet the need of the company.
The hardware should be installed and configured first to enable the operating systems and software set up into the network systems. The operating system installed in the network systems should be considered as the main component of the network infrastructure. Therefore, the company should consider installing one type of operating systems, this because they have similar protocols thus the communication will be efficient. Similar operating system will enable network component to have seamless communication procedures between the components, therefore, if the company should adopt the latest windows 8, this is because the operating system have the latest standardization
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