Wildlife Management: Why People Hunt?

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Humans have been hunting on this planet for over two million years. Our ancestors used complex hunting techniques to ambush and kill antelopes, gazelles, and other large animals dated back to times before Christ. People all around the world still carry on the tradition, but the view on hunting is not the same as it was back then. The world is so industrialized, and people think hunting is cruel and useless because you can buy meat at grocery stores. But in reality, it is the reason the wildlife they see are not extinct. Harvesting game not only benefits the hunter with the meat, but also the land, the wildlife, and controls the game population; therefore, without it wildlife would starve, and land would not be managed.

Hunting manages land in many ways. Around seventy-three percent of funding for all wildlife programs comes from the sale of hunting licenses and trapping licenses fees from the Pittman-Robertson federal excise tax on sport hunting devices and ammunition. Less than one percent of funding comes from the states general fund. Without hunting, the government would be paying millions of dollars to keep land managed and wildlife healthy. Overpopulation of wildlife would cause food to be scarce and land to be destroyed. If it was not for hunting, land would be destroyed and the wildlife would be struggling to survive.

Wildlife population and health is at a prime due to hunting. When Europeans first arrived on American soil, they learned to hunt from the Native Americans. They fed their families with venison, and clothed them with the hide from the deer. There was no bag limit for deer so they eventually killed off most deer. After that they restored the white-tailed deer population and the deer were overpopulated. If an...

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