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Wikileaks is a website dedicated to informing the public with classified government information. The website allows for the public to be aware of the hidden agenda of the government. This act is viewed as an expression of our freedom of speech. Wikileaks provides a reliable source for Americans to educate their selves about the actions of their government. It offers a transparent view of the government, and allows Americans to be whistleblowers on unreasonable issues administered by the government. Wikileaks should be allowed to release government information because it aids in providing citizens with the knowledge of important information they may not have been aware of otherwise.

Citizens of this country have the right to know about important government information. It is their constitutional right to know and to have knowledge about plans and activities the government is involved in. The opposing side might say the information wikileaks releases are unreliable and untruthful. They might also attempt to say that the information is released as an act to defame our national government. An article written by Declan Walsh about a false statement made in Pakistani newspapers about Indian generals sated by U.S. officials supports the opposing side’s argument. The article stated that the Indian generals were vain, geeky, and engaged in genocide against Muslims in Kashmir. This article later was discovered to be a fraudulent article planted on Wikileaks to degrade the integrity of the website. Wikileaks did not try to defame our government. The individuals who do not support Wikileaks are the ones that tried to defame the government in order to corrupt the truthfulness of the Wikileaks website. To the opposing...

... middle of paper ... with everything their government says. It allows for the people to see proper documentations so they can judge for their selves whether the actions of their government are just and reasonable and whether the government is upholding a proper democracy.


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