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Edward Joseph Snowden is a former CIA technician, Booz Allen Hamilton's former employee, and a former NSA defense contractor. Edward Snowden had leaked a secret of NSA through an interview with Glenn Greenwald from The Guardian which startled the world. In his disclosure, Snowden revealed about NSA that they are mining data works all along and secretly monitoring U.S. citizens' personal information by accessing through different servers.
In June 2013, Edward Snowden revealed an unauthorized disclosure to The Guardian in an interview about a warrantless action of the government, that NSA has been accessing through the world's nine biggest internet companies to collect data works from citizens. The datas are draw and analyze by NSA from citizen's personal informations such as audios, videos, pictures, e-mails, instant messages, documented files, social network activities, and contact informations. In this surveillance plan, there are two secret program. One is to monitor citizens' network activities, and the second is to monitor through citizens' telephone call records. This is the largest monitoring project that had ever happened in the history of America and it really staggered the public.
Snowden's confession over exposing the confidential documents that reveals the NSA's surveillance program has influenced the public with different interpretation. In his interview, Snowden stated that “ The public needs to decide whether these programs, and polices are right or wrong.” The face-work of Edward Snowden provided to the public by using the free press is in a justice image of him. His stated that the disclosure of the U.S. government and NSA is to let people to see the truth and their life has been compromised. Some people perceive...

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...ial activities not only can creates interactions and sharing informations with others, but it can also provide opportunities for other to violate our personal information, since it is literally open public and searchable the internet.
The former NSA employee Edward Snowden is still trying to get an asylum from other country. While President Obama's biggest concerns after the Snowden's disclosure of spying secret is whether this could stable statues preservation on the next term meanwhile solving the spying problem. All things have consequences, whether it is right or wrong, we all need to take responsibility for the things we have done. Regardless of everything else, Snowdon's incident has set an example of how media and social public can have great impact on our perception. We need to think critically and understand the media content that insight through our life.
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